Mobile Applications Development – The iOS Way

Despite Google Play’s largest market share in terms of volume, iOS is still the most profitable venture in mobile applications development. Both the iPhone and iPad have a huge fan following and both of these users usually have a larger spending capacity than Android users because Android is also available on budget hardware whereas iOS is not. Apple’s clientele is more posh and the app store has more quality apps than others. The popularity of the Apple devices has encouraged many to create mobile apps of their business or ideas on them.

Launching a new application requires three steps, mainly – building, distributing and promoting. Before that, one needs to chalk out a proper plan. There can be necessary delays and expenses if a comprehensive strategy is not planned. Entire app development life cycle needs to be decided beforehand. Understanding target customers is important and planning a marketing strategy for the same is also important. User experience is perhaps the most sought after thing after usability. So UI and UX of an app should not be neglected. According to a recent survey, gaming apps are most popular on the app store. So adding a little gaming touch to your application, wherever possible, is considered a good plus point in terms of increasing the want-factor.

Bugs and errors are a big let-down. One should join the Apple Developer Program and use the forums for assistance. In-app purchases on a free app are better received than a paid one. Other sources of revenues are advertisements.

Enterprise Mobile Applications Development Apps To Motivate Employees

Motivation is one of the important keys to a company’s success.There is no do doubt that a well-motivated workforce always results in better productivity.Experts have time and again pointed out that employees who receive motivation with positive feedbacks on their work from their managers are more committed to their work and give better than excepted performance. Today, for large scale companies and modern companies where most work is done remotely, it is not possible to provide a face-to-face feedback of employees. Further the BYOD(Bring your own device) concept is fueling a need for enterprise level mobility app. Further arranging a boardroom meet for this is time consuming and cost ineffective as many employees are always on the move.

The best method for CEOs to convey messages to employees working off-site is via smart phones and tablets. Enterprise level mobile applications development is a necessity today for most medium to large scale organizations. Virtual conference apps offer group chat and real time video help in team discussions and data sharing.No geographical boundaries and efficient communication is the reason for its popularity.

Employee recognition is an important part too in motivating them. Thanking an employee for the hard work without his presence and that which can be shared socially too plays a great moral boost on the employee’s mind. This can infuse great job satisfaction in them and this leads to better productivity too. Enterprise app for a company can also help in updating everyone about changes in the work sphere. They can be used to spread employee referral programs on social Medias by employees. Simplifying connectivity and improving interactivity, enterprise apps are a must for every industry now.