Features you should consider for t-shirt designer software

t-shirt designer software

Features for Front-end

Rich UI:

A T-Shirt Designer software should come with the richness of a great UI experience. It should bring some amazing things to users for a richer user experience such as a large media library packed with high quality graphics, ready-to-use templates, font styles and colors.

No platform constraint:

A T-Shirt Designer tool has to be cross-platform and cross-browser solution. Users should be able to think going beyond the browser limitations and have leverage across different platforms such as Android Smartphone, iPad, iPhone and laptop.

Easy to upload images:

Easy photo uploading feature from the desktop is a necessity to create personalized products without worries.

Freedom to customize:

The tool must provide users the power to add text and color to the artwork and personalize it as per custom requirements. By leveraging its easy to use front-end text features, one can add single-line text or a message on the design in different font styles as well as sizes. Customize the text message by applying different text types like; Bold, Italic, and Underline, special text handling like arching, bulge, borders, and shadow and adding color.

Add to wish list: Wish lists are another significant feature of such software solutions that allows users to save their custom artwork to the cart for future purchases.

Features for Admin-Panel:-

Setup process and support:

No programming skills should be required to set-up the tool. RIA technology powered custom design tools that come with easy implementation and customization facility is a must. The software should be Out-of-the-box storefront system which can be a very user-friendly web application and should require minimum maintenance.

Design and layout:

The software should be fully customizable in design and layout structure. An administrator has the access to change the overall look and feel of the tool depending on the custom design preferences. Flexibility is a significant virtue.

Supports basic web paradigms:

The tool should be able to support basic web paradigms, which mainly include user device independence, multiple web browser compatibility, discount management, design management, font and color management, user management, order management, form management and more.

Product management:

The software solution should enable an administrator to add, modify and delete unlimited number of products, images and categories. It should also allow modifying product sizes, view and category.

Sales analysis and tracking:

An administrator should be able to view its sales analysis and track other information for comprehensive statistics of the number of orders and customers, product views, total sales and searchable order data.


Ideas on t-shirt designing


Parties and BBQ or any special day or festivals, get-togethers or simply outing on the town with companions – everywhere a customized t-shirt can lit up the occasion. Most specialty style t-shirt designing apps are very natural to utilize. Numerous have instant patterns and barely by including your own particular computerized pictures from a Polaroid or smartphone – it couldn’t be less demanding to customize t-shirts, by simply including your photographs!

There are heaps of fun clipart, digiart and snipart to make fun and energizing plans, remember that, you can put your plans on any cotton fabric like; tops children face cloths, overskirts, packs and well as t-shirts. In the event that you are in a music band, advertise yourself at your own particular gigs -your band name and logo put your web or FB page and a few dates of the gigs schedule.

Customized T-Shirts are extraordinary for a clubs, business, little advancements, exchange fairs and any such occasion or event or simply anything –hope you can get more ideas of your own now. Utilizing the simple to-make, customized tee t-shirts, tops and so on are boundless. What’s more – these applications are ideal for home, little business and anything where you would prefer not to need to request many the same outline t-shirts. Print the number you need.

Make cool plans for a school venture, school club or group. You don’t even need motivation to put your own particular stamp on a bit of clothes. Perhaps you as of recently have a t-shirt or something that you might want to upgrade or you simply have some cool plans.

Basically make on your t-shirt designer software and afterward print your desired one, with your printer, onto exchange paper, iron onto your t-shirt, embroidery, top, chin-wiper or whatever simple. In the event that you can’t recollect all that, simply take after the guidelines supplied with the exchange paper.

Additionally pay special mind to exchange paper so you don’t run out! You can make heaps of plans for the sum of your garments. Exchange paper is likewise accessible from numerous workmanship and art outlets.

A Simple Elaboration On T-Shirt Designer Software

The custom t-shirts have ended up extremely ubiquitous recently. Numerous online sites are putting forth numerous to plan custom t-shirt. It is vital to think about the t-shirt designing and printing administrations that are accessible on the web. Numerous online devices are utilized to make specially crafts for t-shirts. Organizations online likewise offer the t-shirt screen-printing. All you have to do is make a configuration for the t-shirts utilizing the online devices to select fabrics. Keeping in mind the end goal to make the outline you can transfer pictures or illustrations and deal with them. Various sites offer the administrations for the t-shirt designing and printing. Then again, the most regularly utilized sites for t-shirt outlining and screen-printing are zazzle and street t-shirts. These are the most well known printers on the web.

HTML5 Tshirt Designer Tool

Be that as it may, numerous different tools are accessible to make the outlines and designs, for example, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. These tools are the best on top of Photoshop to outline the representation for the t-shirts. Adobe Illustrator is influential programming to make the exact and complex plans. Numerous experts to make plans for the site, as it is a compelling vector craft bundle favor it. It is the best programming to make outlines for t-shirt screen-printing. The primary playing point of utilizing Adobe Illustrator is that the vector representation will help you to plan precisely the way you require. In the interim CorelDraw is utilized to plan for t-shirts. The principle claim to fame of utilizing CorelDraw is that it is a vector based configuration program that will help you to make plans, precisely the way you require like Adobe Illustrator.

 You need to look at HTML5 today to develop t-shirt designer software. Previously all the software related to this field was designing through flash. But now the time has changed people move over from the flash and trying to implement HTML5 instead. It is smooth and flawless unlike flash. Also using of scripting languages like JavaScript with HTML5 will make the tool more users friendly.

How To Choose A T-Shirt Designer Software

tshirt designerIntroduction
Customized T-Shirt Designing is bigger than ever today. Every corporate, university, school, event needs one. Finding the right T-Shirt designer software is the most crucial step before undertaking this business. The two basic options technically are Flash and HTML5 based. The former has more popular so far due to the absence of the latter. But a very few HTML5 T-Shirt Designing tools are coming up in the market with a clear threat to the reigning Flash ones.

Why HTML5?
The biggest advantage of HTML5 is cross platform and device compatibility. HTML5 runs on almost any modern browser. The PC market has since a long time, shifted to other platforms like Tablets and Smart phones. Flash doesn’t work on iOS native apps. And iOS accounts for a major chunk of mobile devices, and also the most affluent chunk of such users. HTML5 is a faster standard in terms of performance too, and HTML5 apps have a better loading time than Flash based ones.

T Shirt Designer ApplicationsWhat all to look for in a T-Shirt Designer tool?
One needs to understand what features are important. Traditionally older forms of such software can be detected by the absence of features like ‘Curve Text’, ‘Bridge Text’, ‘QRCode’ and ‘Google Font Integration’. Curve and Bridge Text gives both designers and users the flexibility to go crazy with writings, be it quotes, school name or just funny messages. ‘Google Font Integration’ is another watch-out feature for using any kind of Fonts on T-Shirts, virtually an infinite database of fonts from Google. Another feature, though not applicable to everyone, is to look for whether the tool can be configured to be used for other products like caps, bags, skins, covers and all.

The transform tool and workability
A transform tool is quite a must-have in product designing software. It is supposed to give you a good experience in using Scale, rotate, flip horizontal, flip vertical, align vertical – horizontal center, multi selection, copy paste, and arranging multiple objects. Then there is Masking – creating printable boundaries so that you don’t receive an order of an image exceeding the printable area. This is where HTML5 scores too, as Flash based ones generally get bloated and unstable when a large number of operations are held. Then there is the backend admin panel. Most give a web version of this – which obviously has a lot of demerits. A better option is to look for someone offering a desktop application of the same. Having no server side in designing and customizing your products means more time saved and a whole better world of performance too.

tshirt designer tool

The options
While choosing T-Shirt Design software, it is important to make sure the company is renowned enough and has considerable experience to give quality service. Also one should try the product before buying. Prices are not the yardstick here; rather quality is the best judge here. The choices in HTML5 are slim. Deco-Network, Live-Art, Riaxe are the few options. Only one of them has a live preview site http://www.riaxe.com/html5-tshirt-designer-application/

Are iOS App Developers Better Than Android App Developers?

Mobile phones have just expanded in worth over the current years and undoubtedly supported many experts from imperative ventures to the most fundamental errands. The overrunning essentialness of Smartphone and their normal apps can’t be understated and will justifiably impact business matters for quite some time to come. So what precisely are the horde preferences that might be uncovered from these sorts of devices? The not-so-mystery weapon that Smartphone wield might be its applications made by an iOS app developer going from perky ventures that can help you breathe easy, directly down to capable devices which can represent the moment of truth your meeting room presentations.

ios-appSo it might bode well for have a comprehension of the essential ideas of applications by and in addition how an iOS app developer advance those applications in the event that you’re languid or much excessively occupied to improve a singular application without anyone else’s input, there are a great deal of upstanding app developers around that can finish this venture for you. For starters, there are a assortment of mobile app development encoding that you can look over that will match particularly for the sort of telephone you are utilizing, may it be an iPhone or an Android or whatever possible endless varieties. Then again, there are shockingly better ventures which are impressively pricier yet will let the application you are improving capacity obliquely over various platforms.

When you can suitably utilize an application for business purposes, you should first be acquainted with its particular points of interest and realize what sort of application to handle for the kind of venture that you will be confronting. For starters, applications could be altered and continually improved continuously and gives you a chance to stay joined with your customer base and additionally with normal Mobile phones. Knowing how your prospective clients respond and connect with the applications you’ve been advancing can support in enhancing your generally speaking business systems. You can likewise give extra characteristics along different freebies that can create buildup and can conceivably twofold your target market.

You should unfailingly remember that the application android app developers made may as well nearly identified with your different items. That application that you have been building can manufacture your brand in an interesting manner that you and your associates can consider. When you wish to find different organizations that can match your necessities and can enhance it on the fly-then hunting down app developers online might be much ideal, these experts that you will doubtlessly handle the occupation and convey the proper outcomes about on time.