Top Game Development Platforms

Mobile gaming is undeniably huge. Mobile gaming has brought out gamers out of people who had never ever played a computer game too. The reason behind this is the simplicity and availability of games in mobile phones which are already present in the hands of 80 percent of the world’s population. Every top game seems to have been made in different game development engines. A – List studios to Indies, everyone seems to have their favorites. So let’s find out which are the most popular game development platforms today that you should adopt.

Please note that the following are in alphabetical order and not in any hierarchy:

  • App Game Kit by The Game Creators

Platforms supported: iOS, Mac, PC and Android

Popular games: Cannon Ball, Jumping Jack

  • BigWorld by Wargaming

Platforms supported: Browser, PC

Popular games: Grandia Online, Moego, Realm of the Titans, World of Tanks

  • BlitzTechby Blitz Games Studios

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, Xbox, PC, MAC, PS3,Wii

Popular games: Rayman Raving Rabbids, Puss in Boots,House of the Dead: Overkill,

  • CryEngine 3 byCrytek

Platforms supported: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Popular games: Aion, Crysis, SniperGhost Warrior 2, Aion, MechWarrior Online

  • GameBryo byGamebase USA

Platforms supported: iOS,Android, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Popular games: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning,Catherine, El Shaddai, Epic Mickey

  • GameMaker byYoYo Games

Platforms supported: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Popular games: MrKaroshi, Reflexions, Spelunky,Hotline Miami

  • Havok Vision Engine byHavok

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, Windows Phone,Linux, Mac, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Popular games: Carnival Island, Orcs Must Die!,Arcania: Gothic 4, The Settlers 7

  • Infernal Engine by Terminal Reality

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii U

Popular games: Kinect Star Wars,Ghostbusters: The Video Game, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

  • Marmalade by Marmalade

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone,Mac, PC, Smart TVs

Popular games: Draw Something, Talisman, Pro Evolution Soccer, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

  • Shiva by Stonetrip

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone,Linux, Mac, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox

Popular games: Paper Racing, Babel Rising, Monkey Drum Deluxe, Non Flying Soldiers.

  • Unity 4 byUnity Technologies

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox

Popular games: The FightBack,République, Wasteland 2,Castle Story, The Room, Dead Trigger 2.

  • Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games

Platforms supported:PC, PS4

Popular games:BioShock Infinite,Infinity Blade,Gears of War, Mass Effect


Investing In Mobile Applications Development

The web has transformed millions of businesses all over the world. The advantages are so many after all. From E-Commerce, service enquiries, to getting info about a customer that could be used immediately or afterwards, web has the way to shape up businesses of this century. The web brought out convenience that wasn’t witnessed earlier; info was so much faster than any other form of communication and best of all economical and reliable too. Maintaining a long term relationship with both present and future clients was better. This huge popularity of web services paved way to professional web application development services. It is widely available today and hiring a professional to help design your web needs is easy.

The web was the undisputed king of the last decade and had been ruling till now, but currently it faces a threat from the mobile world. The future is mobile applications development. Mobile apps are miniature versions of their web pages but technically different. One needs to hire separate developers for mobile applications development. The reason behind this is easily presumable – the extreme popularity of smart phones and tablets. This is a portable generation and mobile devices are the in-thing today, an indispensible part of everyone’s lives. Mobiles are way beyond the usual calling and sending text messages. The phone is not just an internet device today, it has replaced most other computing devices. Not just for social media, web browsing, but also a majority of smart phone users are accessing a shopping app at least once a month according to a study by Nielsen. E-Commerce and banking are after that on smart phones.

The potential is huge without doubt. And there is a possibility of staying behind if one’s business doesn’t have a mobile presence. Marketing methods are unimaginable in this too. Mobile apps help create a brand name for the business very quickly. The delusion of a personalized touch to every customer is an advantage. There is a niche appeal too. Reaching out to target customers with campaigns on offers, merchandising, sales, etc is quicker and convenient. Feedback can be generated much faster too. Contacting the business is easier too as one doesn’t need to search for a contact form or helpline on the web. Performance of mobile apps is better than web ones as mobile apps are stored locally on the user’s device. It is cheaper than any other marketing ways and return is much faster too.

iOS7 Update Is Out, FaceTime Fixed

ios7The much needed update to Face-Time has finally come up. Apple rolled out its iOS 7.0.4 update today. It is for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As usual it can be downloaded directly on air on the devices and also through iTunes. Face-Time users were facing issues of dropped calls earlier. The new update has brought changes and fixes to this. Now there is no problem of call drops in Face-Time any more.

Another security update has been done that fixes in-app and app purchases of not being completed with insufficient authorization. There were reports earlier of users being able to complete transactions without giving a password in the login dialog box. Apple said they have addressed this by “additional enforcement of purchase authorization”.

 iOS 6 is not left out too. Apple released iOS 6.1.5 too. FaceTime issues have been addressed in it and there is also a security update to the 4th generation iPod touch too.

The iOS 7.0.4 update is available over the air for the following:

  1. iPhone 4 and higher
  2. iPod Touch (5th generation) and higher
  3. iPad 2 and higher, with iOS 5 and higher

The location for updates is Settings > General > Software Update. For all others, it has to be manually downloaded. The updates are generally checked and installed the device is connected to WiFi and is plugged-in. It is highly recommended that data is backed up on iCloud or using iTunes before undergoing the updates.

Simple Facts On Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

JVM DiagramThe Java virtual machine is called virtual in light of the fact that it is a conceptual PC characterized by a particular. To run a Java program, you require a solid usage of the unique determination.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and its life time

A runtime occurrence of the Java virtual machine has an agreeable mission in life i.e; to run one Java application in mobile applications development process. The point when a Java app begins, a runtime case is conceived. The point when the app finishes, the occurrence perishes. In the event that you begin three Java applications in the meantime, on the same machine, utilizing the same solid execution, you will get three Java virtual machine occurrences. Every Java app runs inside its own JVM or Java virtual machine.

A JVM instances begins running its singular application by conjuring the main () system for some preliminary class. The main () technique must be open, static, return void, and acknowledge one parameter: a String cluster. Any class with such a main () technique could be utilized as the beginning phase for a Java app.

You should in some usage subordinate way give a Java virtual machine the name of the introductory class that has the main () system that will begin the whole application. One genuine illustration of a Java virtual machine execution is the java program from Java 2 SDK of Sun Microsystems.

Apple’s iOS Outshining Google’s Android In Designing Custom Mobile Apps Business

iOS-Vs.-AndroidIn the matter of supporting mobile devices, organizations have a tendency to consent both iOS and Android based devices. According to a recent report it demonstrates a slight pickup successively for iOS, which represented 72% of devices activated in the quarter, with Android based equipment making up the greater part of whatever remains of the units joining with its server programming. On the tablet side, iOS presses on to record for nine in 10 device enactments.

Anyway, maybe all the more vitally, more than 95% of custom mobile applications developments done by organizations are programmed for Apple devices. The amount of such applications climbed more than 42% from the former quarter, as organizations begin to mingle devices all the more intensely into their workflow.

According to a later study, you see particularly vigorous interior development movement kept tabs on tablet applications and business conversion”. It is truly urging to see such sort of development with very nearly 60% expansion in device initiations year over year, and with this development comes expanded venture in secure mobile applications development inside our worldwide clients.

In spite of the fact that iOS developed its impart from a quarter prior, that was likely because of the advent of the new iOS7 based devices iPhone5s and 5c, as Android has been making progress in later quarters.

Popularity Of Android App Development Always Increasing

android-app-developmentYou will find no less than 10% of people that don’t have Smartphone and remaining 90% are utilizing feature rich and intriguing Smart-phones that are accommodating for doing all their work no sweat. Most likely, you will uncover various marks for cell phones; on the other hand, the most adequate is iOS and Android. Android powers a huge number of mobile devices in more than 190 nations around the globe. It’s the biggest installed base of any mobile platform and OS and rapidly growing, each day million users power up their Android devices despite anything that might have happened before and begin searching for applications, games and other advanced stuff.

As we all have knowledge that Google Android is an open source platform and OS, permitting mobile app developers to tweak app as per the customer’s necessities. While obtaining a most recent device, you will find preinstalled apps that are accommodated utilization. In any case, not just preinstalled apps are best for doing all the operations like; browsing, messaging, emailing, etc.

Comparative to the app developers, numerous clients love to download and utilize some of these prominent Android applications. The cell phones and tablets, typically, accompany a portion of the most well known and regularly utilized Android applications. In the meantime, a client additionally has alternative to look over a substantial number of free and paid applications accessible at the Android store.

The reason why developers opt for android mobile applications development

  • It is owned by Google, it supports all computing tasks.
  • It has got powerful development framework.
  • It does not have to engage with terms of licensing issue as it is free (Open source).
  • It has got global partnerships and large installed base.
  • Open marketplace for distributing your apps.

Development Of Educational Mobile Apps For Children

The key requirements of developing an educational mobile app that must be appreciated by kids, parents and teacher as well are in the following:


Know your objective and comprehend the necessities

Testing is an absolute necessity. Assuming that you don’t have the assets to pay statistical surveying advisors, do it yourself, at a more diminutive scale. Truly knowing your gathering of people goes far, you’ll take in enormously from the experience. Simply don’t avoid this step.

Develop the best configuration client satisfying & elementary

Make the UI straightforward and user friendly, much the same as mature people kids will react to instinctive outline. Keep menu choices and settings as a minimum and also captivating illustrations and shades. Youngsters have a tendency to be cumbersome; don’t make it hard for them to utilize your application.

Concentrate on high caliber content

Make your application testing and remunerating, so the kid is kept in a positive state of mind while studying. This likewise helps the child not losing premium in the subject, continue utilizing the application to study and hold returning for additional.

Make it enlivening & intelligent

Kids study better when they are fit into place, so play components are an absolute necessity, if your application is kept tabs on language, math, science or whatever possible studying subject.

You can additionally keep tabs on giving aggregation studying encounters, by making your application liable to be utilized within gatherings. Kids study more when others join in, so an application that advertises coordinated effort, fun loving collaboration and gathering studying between youngsters or between kids and mature people, could turn out to be greatly great. Kids love to study, give an incredible platform for studying and you’ll make an effect on the particular mobile applications development market.