Cross Platform Mobile Development Made Easy To Build iOS and Android Apps

mobile apps developerAndroid OS and iOS are the two main mobile OS platforms. Not coincidentally, they are the two that also cause massive headaches for mobile app developers. That’s because if you develop apps for both iOS and Android OS the way that Apple and Google encourage you, you need to develop and retain two source code bases for the two different platforms. That means different tools like as; Apple Xcode and Android SDK, different APIs, different languages and so on.

There is huge need out there for cross platform mobile developers and especially in enterprises where mobile development and basically cross platform development is escalating rapidly, to increase the productivity of development. One solution is to use JavaScript or HTML5 languages that were designed to render on multiple operating systems. But these haven’t proved to be the ideal option for which many developers had hoped. Performance has often been disappointing, maintenance can be time consuming and the access they provide to specific device features is often limited.

A more promising solution may be multi platform development environments that let you develop a single code base and compile it to run on different mobile platforms. Xamarin, for example, lets you write apps in C#, calling any native platform APIs directly. The Xamarin compiler then bundles the .NET runtime and outputs a native ARM executable, packaged as an iOS or Android app. Cross platform development can be a good compromise to achieve success affordably if it is carried out with a little caution and the right tools. And for judging the right tools, there is a need to find good experienced mobile app developers.