Adobe AIR and Cross Platform App Development

cross-platform-developmentThe demand of mobile cross platform development is evident: It is economical to create an app once than to create it several times. Hence, hypothetically, your return on investment will be much superior if you use cross platform app development frameworks. But the assumption isn’t really that simple. Each of these platforms has tradeoffs compared to native development. Prior to the process of cross platform applications development it is crucial that you systematically comprehend these processes.

With the purpose of comprehending the procedures for a particular platform you actually need to have broad knowledge functioning with the particular platform. Reading up on the pros and cons for a platform may give you some sense of what its strengths and weaknesses are, but only through practical application, that is in fact creating a non trifling application, do you start to get a real intellect of the lay of the land.

So you might think that all you need do is to find a skilled developer who has worked extensively with the platform that you are researching and pick their brain. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. For example, you are a very experienced developer in Adobe Air. You’ve been working entirely with Action-Script and Flex for so long, and have about more knowledge working with Adobe AIR for mobile. Despite this, you can assure that there are multiple and imperative types of functionalities which AIR for mobile supposedly offers which you might have zero knowledge in.

One solution might be to find one or more high level managers who have experience managing a variety of projects that used various frameworks. If you have contact to such an individual, believe yourself very providential, and pay attention strongly to their knowledge. But also be aware that even such powerful experts may not agree with one another.