The Features Of Titanium Cross Platform Mobile App Development Framework

titanium-mobile-developmentThe most sought after mobile development frameworks among mobile app developers worldwide are HTML5, Titanium and Phonegap today. Cross platform app development framework Appcelerator titanium rules the roost providing more than 60 percent faster time to market. It has proved to be an effective tool for mobile applications development. Ideal for developing, testing, and implementing mobile apps in a short time, this framework has an extensible and open development environment that facilitates in building native apps across various mobile platforms such as; iOS, Android and Windows.

Some of the Core features of titanium cross platform mobile app development are in the following:

Titanium SDK:
The JavaScript-based SDK helps in creating hybrid, native and mobile web apps for all mobile operating systems and devices from a single code base. Within a fraction of time, Titanium helps in delivering immersive user experience with the help of more than 5000 APIs. Titanium developers are constantly contributing to this open source SDK for further enhancement and extension. Independent developers can build modules for extension of SDK with mobile user interface controls as well as leveraging native platform API and access to third party service.

Appcelerator Alloy:
This development framework based on Model View Controller or MVC architecture offers a simple model for separating data models, business logic and application user interface. High quality, rich and scalable apps can be developed with Appcelerator Alloy and can be easily used by novice as well as expert developers. As a Titanium app developer, you can code your app using JavaScript, CSS and XML and take advantage of reusable widgets support, Alloy CSS themes and offline storage support.

Titanium Studio:
It is a modern IDE that facilitates in developing mobile applications quickly by simplifying the process. Titanium Studio helps in managing all projects in a single view and helps community developers in rapid development, testing, packaging and publishing mobile apps across various OSs and devices. Studio IDE is Eclipse-based that enables in building native and cross platform mobile apps from a single code base. You can easily have Titanium application development with most of the reusable codes and at a comparatively lower cost than any other environment. It helps to create, develop, extend, compile, debug and deploy mobile apps.

cross platform mobile developmentTitanium Cloud Services:
A Mobile Backend as a Service that offers easy and fast way to connect mobile app development. You can create your own cloud services or choose from a plethora of services including social integration push notification, photo storage and status updates. It allows you to take a reusable and modular approach for supporting all mobile apps with a single cloud based backend.