SWF to SVG Converter Online

SWF to SVG converter online

Apple killing flash has led to a surge in demand to create vector graphics. While there are tools to convert SWF to SVG, they are often complicated and there are usually no straight ways to do them – until now. Riaxe has launched an online SWF to SVG converter free that lets you upload your flash file directly in the browser, and get the output in SVG format. What makes this nice is that it shows a preview of the output once you have uploaded. Hence you do not have to waste downloading unless you like what you see. There is provision to zoom in and out in order to get the required dimensions. And the best part – this is a free SVG converter.

The interface is good, performance is smooth and finally a much needed online tool to convert flash to vectors has come to our rescue. There is no loss in quality of the output. The company mentioned in their Press Release that a version supporting batch files could come up in the future. We can assume that it could be a paid version. Let us know your views.

Try it here – http://riaxe.com/online-swf-to-svg-converter/