How To Choose A T-Shirt Designer Software

tshirt designerIntroduction
Customized T-Shirt Designing is bigger than ever today. Every corporate, university, school, event needs one. Finding the right T-Shirt designer software is the most crucial step before undertaking this business. The two basic options technically are Flash and HTML5 based. The former has more popular so far due to the absence of the latter. But a very few HTML5 T-Shirt Designing tools are coming up in the market with a clear threat to the reigning Flash ones.

Why HTML5?
The biggest advantage of HTML5 is cross platform and device compatibility. HTML5 runs on almost any modern browser. The PC market has since a long time, shifted to other platforms like Tablets and Smart phones. Flash doesn’t work on iOS native apps. And iOS accounts for a major chunk of mobile devices, and also the most affluent chunk of such users. HTML5 is a faster standard in terms of performance too, and HTML5 apps have a better loading time than Flash based ones.

T Shirt Designer ApplicationsWhat all to look for in a T-Shirt Designer tool?
One needs to understand what features are important. Traditionally older forms of such software can be detected by the absence of features like ‘Curve Text’, ‘Bridge Text’, ‘QRCode’ and ‘Google Font Integration’. Curve and Bridge Text gives both designers and users the flexibility to go crazy with writings, be it quotes, school name or just funny messages. ‘Google Font Integration’ is another watch-out feature for using any kind of Fonts on T-Shirts, virtually an infinite database of fonts from Google. Another feature, though not applicable to everyone, is to look for whether the tool can be configured to be used for other products like caps, bags, skins, covers and all.

The transform tool and workability
A transform tool is quite a must-have in product designing software. It is supposed to give you a good experience in using Scale, rotate, flip horizontal, flip vertical, align vertical – horizontal center, multi selection, copy paste, and arranging multiple objects. Then there is Masking – creating printable boundaries so that you don’t receive an order of an image exceeding the printable area. This is where HTML5 scores too, as Flash based ones generally get bloated and unstable when a large number of operations are held. Then there is the backend admin panel. Most give a web version of this – which obviously has a lot of demerits. A better option is to look for someone offering a desktop application of the same. Having no server side in designing and customizing your products means more time saved and a whole better world of performance too.

tshirt designer tool

The options
While choosing T-Shirt Design software, it is important to make sure the company is renowned enough and has considerable experience to give quality service. Also one should try the product before buying. Prices are not the yardstick here; rather quality is the best judge here. The choices in HTML5 are slim. Deco-Network, Live-Art, Riaxe are the few options. Only one of them has a live preview site


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