‘Thin Admin’ – A Responsive Theme That Blows Your Mind

Responsive Html Theme

In a world where things need to be done fast and effectively, there is also a requirement that it needs to be done beautifully too. This is where Backend Admin Templates come in. The need to look and feel good is as important as the fact that it has to be functionally very efficient also. ‘Fun’ and ‘creative’ ways of dealing in work is known to boost productivity and enhance employee morale. In a quest to address both these issues, Riaxe Systems, an India based IT offshore company has recently launched a new backend admin template named ‘Thin Admin’.

‘Thin Admin’ as the name suggests is a very sleek and urbane design. It is based on the Bootstrap 3 Framework. The design language followed here is minimalistic. It is modern and offers blazing fast performance. It has already won reviews for not being “too heavy and crowded with JS” unlike other themes. This template can be used for all backend applications. It is highly customizable. There are dozens of options to change the template styles, colors and layouts. This company is known for its UI-UX and like all their other products; this also is a responsive design and hence can fit into any screen size.

It has been priced at $18 for a standard license. Downloads have been high and the theme seems to have been well received among critics. This responsive theme is a testament to the company’s highly creative design team which consists of highly acclaimed ‘artists’ like designers.

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