Doraemon Touch – A Fun Entertainment App On The Popular Japanese Anime

Doraemon-Touch-doraemon-31914212-960-540Doraemon is a very popular Japanese anime character. There are a lot of games and apps based on it. A very popular one among them is Doraemon Touch by mobile applications development company Riaxe-Systems that was launched more than a year back. It is a kids’ entertainment app available on iOS and Android. It has been immensely popular, particularly in Asia. It is very interactive. It has more than twenty five different touch features in it. The app begins with a cute blue Doraemon standing in the center of a room. When you touch on it, it makes faces, smiles, or does many more animations. If you swipe on it, it rolls on the ground and laughs. There are two different poses on this on reverse swipe. You can upload a music or song onto the app. When you play one of them, Doraemon dances to the tune of it in a very fun manner. There are other actions like it get scared when a mouse comes on screen; it flies like a robot, eats cake and many more.

What really sells in this game are the interesting features like motion capture, i.e., when you move in front of the camera, Doraemon follows you; a way of play hide and seek. Then if the surrounding is dark, Doraemon brings out a Japanese Lamp to illuminate it (Ambient light sensing from front camera). Also when kids shout in front of it, Doraemon would ask them to sshh and if you keep making noise, it covers its ears.


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