Basic Methodologies For Cross Platform And Mobile Applications Development


Innovation in technology is continually advancing as each day passes. We have plenty of devices and tools at our expenditure to produce true cross platform and mobile apps which can even access most part of the native info and data of the device platform in which it will run.

One such procedure of cross platform app development is called as cross compilation. The framework and tools utilized as a part of this process furnishes a platform independent API utilizing dynamic languages like JavaScript, Ruby or Python. This API is utilized to assemble the versatile requisition. The code is then handled by a cross compiler which changes it into particular native platform applications based upon the targeted OS. The mobile applications developments along these lines are speedier and can access the majority of the features and mechanism like; GPS System, Camera, etc from the native mobile device.

An alternate strategy in which we can design and develop cross platform app or mobile apps is by utilizing the virtual machine system. In this technique, the structure of framework utilized will give an API and additionally the runtime environment for the particular application. But slower rate of execution is the main drawback of the process.

There is another process, which is popular but not that much powerful. Through that you can build a mobile app for native browser by utilizing Html5 and Css3. The influential feature of Html5 and Css3 gave us a chance to create mobile applications that gives identical user experience like a native application. Employing JavaScript framework structures like Sencha Touch makes it able to take this approach further.

There are bunches of cross platform framework tools accessible, few of those are having license of Open Source and some are with commercial license. Some are very effective and some are there just for the purpose of its presence. The most broadly utilized and popular among those are Appcelerator Titanium, Adobe Air, Phonegaap, Jquery Mobile, Rhodes, Sencha Touch, etc.

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