Going ‘Responsive’ – A Necessity In Mobile Applications Development

mobile applications developmentSmartphones and tablets were once considered the tools of the affluent.  Gone are those days, smart phones are everywhere. They have gradually turned out to be ubiquitous devices used in several countries worldwide and have gone mainstream among all sections of society. Every scale of companies across varied industry forms are geared to tap onto this platform to make them conveniently available and operational on different types of devices such as tablets, smart phones and phablets. Last few years has witnessed a distinct shift of users towards the mobile browsing. Apart from shifting, the mobile platform has brought newer audience onto the internet who had never otherwise been. Mobile applications development has been experiencing a difficult challenge of catering to every screen sizes of various devices. The idea of going ‘responsive’ has thus crept in.

Responsive web design theme scales down a web page to fit into any screen resolution and size. And this is done without compromising the viewing ability of the web page by means of rearranging icons and tiles according to the resolution of the device. Mashable was right in naming 2013 the ‘Year of Responsive Design’. It is also estimated by mid decade, more than 50% of online trading will happen on smart phones and tablets.  Responsive web design has brought several advantages to businesses. This trend has significantly helped businesses gain wider audience and higher conversion rates. Down time and costs have been lowered as there is only one web site to be developed and maintained and not separate ones for each platform. As one web site is done, there is no problem of duplicate content detection among one’s different platforms. This new web trend is sure to bring new ventures for mobile applications development companies.

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